April 20, 2009

Rocking - A fitting adjective for the day

When I got up in the morning, not looking my best, I never thought that this 19th day of April, 2009 was going to get etched so deep into my memory. Unexpected, as it was, made us realize the place the department hold in our hearts. It was an amazing adventure and drove us crazy; crazy with fun and laughter.

It was going to be just another 'exam time' day and we were supposed to study like hell. The twist began with a phone call which invited us to the department for a 'puja'. We were to go there, have 'prasad' and 'shanti jal', come back and get busy studying. This was just the beginning. On reaching the department we learned that it was our dear Vinod's(Macha) birthday(Happy Birthday Vinod). So after a round of GPLs and us singing' the'  birthday song for him,  Vinod was pestered with requests for a treat to which he couldn't but agree. In comes the idea of sugar cane juice and we were off to have it. Campus main gate is the place where one can get these delicacies for a very nominal sum. That was the place of origin of the second , so unexpected, twist.

After being acquainted with the goodness of Vinod, we were just hanging out, taking photos, whiling away time with random chatter, not to forget the teasing people and couples act. Put simply, we were having loads of fun. Suddenly, not satisfied with the 'ganna' treat, Pratik came up with a proposal for Rohit. Rohit is the guy who cracked IIM L and is currently the departmental topper. Pratik, soon backed by everyone else, managed to get the ball in Rohits court, the timing and placement being insurmountable. Within the next half an hour we were off for an awesome treat at DI. Food was good and varied and so were our activities. People were being characterized by songs being sung exclusively for them. Hardik and Durga, for the most part, were the bull's eye for our mischiefs. The treat ended with Rohit footing a huge bill and Abhik, later Aniket  too, managing to entertain us.

The squad then moved to Suhatta where we had another bunch of photo sessions and a stunning performance by Sandeep. Time for yet another unplanned treat. This time it was Saumya, who was apparently 'chaapless' . "Soft Drinks for all", was what Pratik shouted at the highest of his voice. What an IDEA sirji. I was really late to realize that Suhatta could be such a fun place. How stupid of us to have missed such a good spot. Though we were really enjoying the cool of the centrally air conditioned lobby, it was getting late for the IPL match and there are people who would rather miss a Megadeth concert in order to watch a cricket match. So we set out again but this time the destination was 'Hostel Sweet Hostel'.

Stop stop stop. Did you expect our amazing day out to end so early. I hope not, cause there is more to come. 'Nimbu Pani nahi piya to kya kiya'. If you haven't got it till now, guess who was the next scape goat. and it wasn;'t even my birthday and if I remember correctly, the last job I cracked was almost a year ago. Still thank you, thank you for welcoming me and Suraj into the wonderful group of 'treaties' or 'treaters' or whatever you call them. Atleast we got off easily. The bill was only 205 INR. Phew. Chilled by the iced drinks, the entourage kept going. Next stop, Campus main gate, back to where it all started. A few clicks here and a few clicks there and it was already time to part. Someone ws proposing an ice cream treat but then again we already had too much, so that didn't pull off. We gathered near the fountain, full with live saving/taking water, for some more snaps. We were enjoying like crazy while parents of WBJEE examinees were staring surprisingly at us. Aniket was asked to end the day by some wonderful words of his. He is a great orator and what he said become the G-Talk status message for majority of us including me. Going by his words, I would like to think forever that "This day is the first of many celebrations to come" and that there will be no "Last celebration". We shall and we will keep celebrating and keep on enjoying together for the years to come till unforeseen future( read whatever you want to)  may part us. As the itle of this post says "Rocking" is the fitting adjective for this day.

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  1. There were guys from Hall 4 as well. Laltu was one of them but I don't know why nobody called you people. Actually only a handful of people knew about the puja since SKD sir had called up only Shainky and Suraj.