July 19, 2008

Wretched Room Shifting

Well as many of you know that life is nothing without transience. It is the transience that keeps you interested in this very pathetic thing called life. Shifting rooms is one such example of ever predominant, ever lasting change. Its hard on you to cope at first, but as the saying goes, "Time Heals Everything". You miss the last place. You realize that you fell in love with the last place..

Shifting room is a really messy thing, especially when the amount of luggage you have is enough to fill two rooms. You don't find sufficient bags and sacs to contain all of them. That's just the beginning. More problems are going to pop their heads as you move ahead. Then there comes the problem of actually shifting them to your new room. You find out that the luggage are so heavy that even two of you don't suffice. Get a van , find a man and there you go. Bringing down the heavy stuffs by stairway (Hostels should have lifts) gives you five day's equivalent of gym workout. You bargain the shit out of both yourself and the van guy. Satisfied with the fare, you start loading the stuffs. Small stuffs scattered here and there, that you somehow manage to contain them on the van, start falling off the van on its way to the other hostel.

Movement done, comes even more difficult times of no water and no electricity (italics because <i> </i> seems like current enclosed). You somehow manage to clean up the room, try to get settled but alas the fan isn't working( You realize that actually there is electricity, but its the fan that isn't there). "Run you, run" to the maintenance, somehow manage to get a guy or a local electrician and if you are fortunate, it will turn out to be just a loose wire. But what am I saying. Fortune feels far fetched. The fan will not work and needs to be replaced, ah ah, not before a few days. Search begins for a table fan or something. Your friend comes to your aid and finally settle down, though you may have to run to the other hostel or, if you are lucky, to the other block, whenever you need to shit or drink some water, for some days to come. Cleaning up , arranging stuffs and settling down takes th heel out of you. Finally,after a few days, you have water, fan and off course lan at your disposal and you are finally happy.

In the process of shifting, you'll loose a few things, some bucks (and in my case some weight too). but finally it feels home again. And you thought shifting was easy. Think 10 times next time before you try sifting your home just because the rent is a little bt high or you don't like th view from your bedroom.